15 SCARY Things Found In Your Favourite Foods!


1.Fried Mice In Popeye's Chicken

A Popeye's in Baltimore City made news waves in 2003, for all of the wrong reasons. Making matters worse, this particular Popeye's location had been violating health codes for quite a while. Located in Baltimore City, this restaurant had been repeatedly shut down, the health violations were that bad. Tony Hill probably wishes that someone informed him of the reputation this Popeye's had before he ordered food there.

Hill ordered a three piece meal from the establishment, excited to start enjoying some delicious, juicy, crispy, fried mouse? As it turns out, the poor mouse had accidentally fallen into the fryer, during the time that Hill was waiting for his food. No employee saw what had happened with the mouse and served Hill his meal. Horrifically, Hill saw that there was a mouse, fully fried inside of the breading. Thankfully, Hill saw the fried mouse before ever taking a bite of his meal.

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